The Pepperheads Spoke

Help Me Jesus Hot Sauce was designed to be a complement to the flavors of foods and vegetables. A 3.5 on a scale of 10 in heat so it didn’t mask the flavor of the food. My Pepperhead friends thought the name heralded a hotter flavor and while HMJ was voted 4.5/5 on flavor it was lacking in sufficient heat.

Ed Currie, the famous curator of the Carolina Reaper suggested Reaper pepper and rightfully so. He created the hottest pepper in the world. After some conversation we felt the Bhut Jolokia (aka ghost pepper) flavor would be more suited to the current pepper quartet. The idea was to keep the original flavor but add about five points of heat. An so the Help Me Jesus Hot Sauce “Ghost Pepper” white cap version was born. It is more like a 8.5/10 depending on the person tasting. To Ed it is probably less. He eats reaper for TV crews all the time.

The GP version is available in very limited quantities at this writing.