Help Me Jesus® Hot Sauce is a remarkable blend of peppers, aged to perfection

More than a condiment, people are using it in original recipes − check them out.


Original Help Me Jesus Hot Sauce is blended to be moderately hot but loaded with flavor. Serrano pepper based but with additional spices – there is no flavor quite like it.

The Ghost Pepper version of Help Me Jesus Hot Sauce is twice as hot as the original but again, flavor based and thick, not thin.


Please visit the recipe page and submit some as you use it. The biggest surprise is how people use the sauce. Straight up is one way but it seems to enjoy a universal appeal and works in many recipes. A guy called and told me he used it in a Bloody Mary and couldn’t stop talking about it.


You don’t need butter. This sauce is thick and sticky. Agave nectar provides the body while natural key lime and a combination of peppers add the citrus and punch. It’s delicious on Bar B Que too.

Proudly, there are no GMO products or high fructose corn syrups in this sauce.